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What is an AIA Contract Form?

AIA contract formsAIA contract forms can be the standard form of agreement between client and contractor on the basis of payment in a stipulated sum. This agreement made to mediate the client to easier the project due in some period. By using this contract, the owner will get many advantages to build the construction. This type of contract will help the client to build many constructions among other general construction, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and many more. AIA or American Institute of Architects is an association that is qualified and trusted. The contract form also protected by U.S. Copyright law and international treaties. To get this contract, the client must come and get the approval from the AIA office

A service contract is a sign of agreement between the client and the service’s company. Service contracts also a proof of the professional from company to be trusted service company. There are some terms and condition of the services that must be understood by the clients, for example, service will be terminated if the customer does not pay the bill according to the agreement. Other than the terms and condition, there are various agreements that need to be understood by both parties. Those agreements will help the clients to get what they want, such as the duration of working, subscription period, assurance, payment contract, and many more. If the client agrees to the contract, the client must give a signature in the contract too.

There are various kinds of contract template that can be used for various needs. Not all contract have a business purpose, there are also contract templates that can be used for an event, household, will, child care and many more. Parents can make a contract related to some problems that usually happens in the house, for example watching TV. If parents cannot control time of watching TV, it will affect the children’s study and play time. Parents can make a child TV contract that contains an agreement to keep the children save from too much watching the TV.

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