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example of behavior contract template for adultsNot all contracts have relation with business; there is also a contract that focusing on agreement from someone to others or someone to their wish. In the behavior contract for adults, they will give a clear deal for their behavior in the new place or in the future. For example the behavior contract from someone who will move to a new place. In it, he or she will accept the responsibility for completing any work in the future, to have good manners at all times, to participate in all the activities that already assigned, to be on time for all activities, and many more that have relationships with their future needs.

Behavior contract usually used for a school. A student who gets this behavior contract usually has troublesome with their manner in the school. In this contract, there are agreement words about the student understand the following behavior that expected of them while they study in the school. This behavior contract will be given to the students if they endanger his or her own safety or another student. If the student cannot accept the rules or if they keep doing the same mistakes, they will be removed from school, and at the bottom of the contract, there will be the student and parent signatures and complete name.

For those of you who want to make a contract, you must know that there are various kinds of contract that can be used such as a business contract, a behavior contract, a children care contract, and many more. Those contracts have their own purposes. Choose from the relevant templates that will suit your needs. Some contracts such as a warranty contract are more focused on the warranties of various products or goods. An event contract is used to get a good relationship between clients and their event organizers, such as wedding planners, DJs, makeup artists, etc. There is also household service contract to help someone to get the housekeeping or cleaning service.

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example of behavior contract template for adults
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