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Construction Contract Template among Many Others

Free Simple Construction Contract Template in Microsoft WordConstruction contract is very useful to make an agreement between the client and the builder. In this contract, there are some important parts that must be filled, first the information. Both of client and builder must write the correct and clear information about the name of the institution, address and phone number. It must also have the day, date, month and year of when it is made. For construction purpose, fill in the type of construction that will be done, such as home, property, building, and the others construction. Make sure the content is not different with the kind of construction.

There is also another contract templates that relates to services, which is the service contract. This type of contract is very useful for some jobs such as cleaning service, lawn service, and the other kinds of services that usually need an agreement between the client and the owner. It usually has some agreement in it, such as the time and date when the service will be done, the kinds of services, price, time that will be spent for services, and also the term and condition of the services. If there is some mistake in the contract, the service’s owner must give cash back to the client, to get back the trust for their job.

If you want to build a house, you can use the constructor to build your dream house. For the legality purpose, the contractor usually will create a contract between them and their clients. There is an important agreement deal in the residential construction contract, such as the types of house that will be built. In that contract, there must be some information about the type of house, place or location, and the complete address. Don’t forget to write the contract documents with the term of contract; the work that filled with the kind of labor, materials, equipment, and tools.

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