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free caregiver contract templateLiving alone or needing help from others can be human’s biggest problem from all time. To overcome those problems there is a caregiver that will help someone to nurture seniors or baby. To deal the cooperation, there must be a contract to mediate the client and company. A caregiver contract will help the client to get a caregiver for their needs. There are some requirements to get a contract with the caregiver among others, the agreement must be in writing, the payment must be provided in the future, and compensation for care must be reasonable and not violating or harm the human rights.

For busy parents, a daycare is the other choice to take care your children besides the caregiver. Using a daycare service is cheaper than caregiver. In the daycare, they usually teach your children with good manners, behaviors and other lessons too. You can register your children by completing the registration and daycare contract form. In the daycare contract, there are some policy or terms and condition to entrust your child. First, the parent must make a contract with some trial periods; next give the information about children’s name, gender, birth date, age. Next, parents also must give their identity information too.

In the daycare contract, there is emergency information to help the daycare contact another guardian if a parent cannot be contacted. Parents must fill in the name of the guardian, phone, and relationship to the child. There is also a blank space to fill the persons who able to pick up the children if parents cannot do that. The daycare hours and fees can be discussed at the beginning of class, a late fee will be charged for any late payments and overtime fees will be charged for every 15 minutes late for pick up times. At the end of the contract, parents must give their clear name and signatures too. See also other contracts that you need at

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