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The Use of General Contractor Contract Forms

Free Printable General Contractor Contract Forms in WordBuilding a house construction will need a good contractor to get a perfect house construction. To get the cooperation with the contractor, the client must take the general contractor contract forms and fill the blank space with sort information about the client or company name, company address, and telephone. In that contract form, there is some agreement about the requirements to build the construction, among others the agreement about the date of starting work, the materials that needed to build the construction, numbers of labor that will be hired, and the payment too. At the bottom of the contract form, the both of parties must give the sign and name to legalize the contract.

The agreements in the construction contract will be reached if the client agrees to the amount of payment and the construction company also agrees to the processing work time. The contractor must give a blueprint of the construction to the client and client will give some comments about the blueprint, to easier the process of construction, the contractor must ask the architect to explain the blueprint to the client. The client is able to ask the contractor to give the best quality of materials and also provide all the construction needs as long as suitable for the agreements in the construction contract.

There is different timing of payments that can be used. First, the client can give 50% of down payment before the contractor started to work. The rest payment will be able to be given in the middle or at the end of the project. A contractor is able to ask more payment if there is an unexpected material’s price with some specific terms. After the house construction is finished, the owner of the house will be able to use some services to install some furniture, electrical, and many more. Service contract will help the house owner to get continuously services. In that contract, there are various agreements that must be approved by both of parties, such as the period of serving, quality of serving, and the payment.

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