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An invention assignment agreement is a contract that offers the employer specific rights to inventions designed or conceptualized by the employee through the employment relationship. Typically, this sort of agreement calls for the employee to disclose any such inventions for the employer, to “assign” (legally transfer) ownership rights in such inventions to the employer, and to assist the employer in having a patent on any such inventions.

These kinds of agreements could possibly involve other clauses as well. One example is, the agreement might ask the employee to list all inventions the employee created prior to operating in the firm (which the employer is not going to personal the rights to). This prevents the employee from later claiming rights to any inventions which might be not on the list. In other words, all inventions not listed are assumed to be the property in the employer.

Assignment agreements generally include things like other standard contract language also, including a provision requiring the losing celebration inside a dispute to spend for attorneys’ charges, or an “integration” clause, stating that the written contract represents the whole agreement amongst the parties (that way, neither party can later claim that they had a separate side deal or handshake agreement that does not seem within the written contract).

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