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The Remodeling, Construction, and Service Contract Template Word For a House

remodeling contract template wordIt is always important to keep your home in a good condition. You can always remodel or renew the appearance of your home. There are various things that you need in order to complete the remodeling job and one of them is to make the remodeling contract. In that contract, there are various contents that must be filled. You will always have to write your complete data and information, such as name, mail address, home address, telephone number, and also the reason why you want to remodel your house. Next, make an agreement containing plans, specifications, date and time, and many more. You will also have to make an agreement on the payment that you will need to prepare, how much money that needed for remodeling the house.

In the construction contract, there must be a complete explanation of payment, the price of labor, materials, building permits, and temporary power. Give clear explanation about the pricing for both parties to understand and trust. You will also have to determine when the remodeling is going to take place. Both the construction or builder team and the client will have to agree when the work is going to start and how long it will last. The builder must give the correct length time of works, it will be better if they are able to finish before time. The most important on this contract is the signature of both of client and builder with their complete names in the bottom of the contract.

Another important point to keep your home in good condition is by getting different service to maintain it with. That is why a service contract that very important to understand. In this contract the client will get the best service on what they need, such as cleaning room, cleaning air conditioner, painting wall, and many more. In this contract the contractor must give the complete service term and condition, what kind of service that will be given and also how long the service will take time. The most important of the service contract is the trust; the contractor must make the client trust them so they will easily give a good service.

In addition to the two kinds of contract as we have mentioned above, there are still many kinds of kinds of contracts that might help you. Please visit our various contracts. Below, we provide examples of the documents related to the remodeling contract form Ms Word files. You can download it for free.

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